Tiki bars are the best thing ever

So Good Are the Big Pizza Slices
You cannot go wrong with the Super Combo Pizza that has beef, pepperoni, sausage, ham, red onion slices, black olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and fresh tomatoes. go

Desserts are Outstanding
The bar is fully stocked with imported and domestic beer, and the frozen smoothie cocktails. go

Good time for Hungry People
They are always into a good time for hungry people as it is a really good scene. go

Supreme Pizza Shop
Ask for them to load on the extra cheese and that's just what you'll get! go

Fresh Catch Lunch Restaurant
Expect the very best music acts, regional bands, and comedy too. go

Number One for Sunset Cocktails
We always now mix up the sunset celebrations, as there a bunch of different spots that rock for fun. go

Sizzling Thai Whole Seafood Dish
Cool little spots for food and style is what you want when you are here on this island. go

Nice Beachside Lunch Spot
Just a short walk away from the iron treasure known as the southernmost point. go


Get a Bite to Eat

Tropical RV Park on the Tip of Stock Island
It worked out so well for us here and we saved a bundle by staying at a camping resort over a traditional Key West Hotel. go

Big Island Overview
Stay busy all day on the tours and the reef boat trips. go

Where do They Sell Marine Rope
In the lower Florida Keys this is the number one hardware store. go

Playful Cocktail Drink Locations
Thank goodness the local political leaders had the foresight to build a giant public walkway system all the way around this fishing village. go

Artistry to See in Historic Old Town
You want to get a gift that will truly last a lifetime. go

Where Luxury and Affordability Meet
Key to picking out a rental is to make sure you have your priorities in order. go

Rent your bicycles and scooters
I like that big A1A scenic sidewalk located over by the Key West international Airport. go


Florida Keys Diet Article

Get a Bite to Eat

Florida Travel Commander, I'm glad to hear you are doing so good at Florida Keys vacation planning. You cannot diet in the Florida Keys. Broth does not sound good to me, as does mahi fish tacos. Broth is good for fish chum, it sounds like it doesn't have much nutrients and probably has a lot of salt. Just my opinion on the Florida Keys diet article that everyone is talking about.

Randolph R.