Try some authentic recipe flavors of the islands

Artisan Bakery and Bread House
Come to find out from the service provider at our table was the bread here all comes from Cole's Peace Bakery. go

Outdoor Garden Cafe on Duval
Eating on a shaded and cooled patio is so much better than being shuffled deep inside a traditional restaurant. go

Going Delicious on Caroline Street
I come to find out these are huge in the states. go

Eat on Vacation
One of the places you need to stop when you're cruising down Duval Street is the Rum Bar. go

Panini and Pizza Shop of Key West
If sandwiches are your thing, the hot panini menu is the way to go. go

Sizzling Thai Whole Seafood Dish
915 was very tasty and it made for the perfect spot to start our nightlife journey. go

Seafood Cafe on the Beach
Some days the volleyball action heats up right close by, the scene is excellent here. go

Cheeseburger Shop Cafe
All of the friends and members of the Key West Botanical Garden Club get together and have afternoon lunch. go


Forks and Knives

Pet Policies were the final factor
What fun and it is all so near, you walk from the room onto Duval. go

Weekly Rental
This could be a good winner to stay later for two-three or four nights. go

Attractions on Atlantic Avenue Key West
We like the area over by the West Martello Tower, it is gorgeous. go

Poolside Happy Hour Celebration
This is the original Key West Happy Hotel, where they made the tradition so famous. go

Places to Video in Key West
Your place to really party and dance on Duval. go

Middle Island Grocery Store
On the Island of Key West, one does not necessarily go to a big fancy supermarket. go

Looking for Cheap and Cool Keys Stuff
A really fun zone. go


On the Beer Menu

Forks and Knives

I wanted to submit the current list of beers at Irish Kevins bar. Impressive it is and that is why we love this bar. Here is the beer menu list: yuengling lager - magic hat nine ale - stone ipa - blue point optical illusion - stella artois - smithwicks irish red ale - harp lager - bass pale ale - guinness draught - funky buddha Floridian hefeweizen - bud light - murphy's red ale - land shark lager - dogfish head sixty minute ipa - strongbow cider. Best on the food menu is the hot corned beef with sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing and swiss cheese on marble rye!

Jewell N.