Waters sports rentals really enhance a florida keys park day visit

Daily Scuba Trip School
They offer scuba school with certifications granted as well as refresher courses if it has been a while. go

Key Largo Dive Information
The snorkel trips happened throughout the day and the sunset cruise begins an hour or two so before sunset. go

Watersports Rentals
Do something different each day. go

Boat Zone Whale Harbor
Under the bridge is twelve feet of space at normal high tide. go

Keys Snorkel Boat Trip
Move about to see the coastline as you cruise in or out of the Key Largo Harbor. go

Diver Education Center
I like going out for a snorkel or scuba on the larger boats, just gives me a bit more peace of mind. go

Boating Key Largo
Higher up is Jewfish Creek and to the southern end is Tavernier Creek. go

Key Largo Restaurants on the Water
There are many good places to go for pit stopping on your way down to Key West and I would recommend this for the sightseeing and a cold beverage if you don't have a boat. go


Water Deliveries Fun

Family Style Dining in Key Largo
The food continues to win plenty of awards, now in just a cleaner and overall better place. go

Key Largo Hotels with Kayaks and Refrigerators
Some of the best hotels in the Florida Keys are not the big name chain hotels. go

Upper Florida Keys Sushi Cafe
It is in the city center, just off of the Overseas Highway. go

Super-duper Club Panini by the Chef
It is deserving of the Best Overall Food Winner Award! go

Highlighted by the Travel Channel TV
If you see the new Travel Channel video of Samantha Brown's visit to the Florida Keys, Shell World is right at the beginning. go

Any excuse for Boating and Beer
What a town, we came down to take advantage of the boating and the watersports. go

Cup Cake Shop and Grocery Store
Nearly every single day we stopped in to pick up a few groceries or beer. go

Spear Gun Fishing

I have watched gunsmoke so much, I think it is time for me to get a Florida conceal weapons permit. Florida Travel Commander can pack a gun or at least a spear gun, which will be nice for the deep everglades camping trips planned for the cool season. Can I shoot fish from my boat in the everglades?

Jayson J.

Dive Boats

We made a good pick with the Amoray Dive Hotel. It was so enjoyable to have access to a dive boat as part of our hotel property. See lots of sharks, Barracuda, grouper and tons of little colorful fish and marine life. What a pleasure was to have the opportunity to go out and do a lot of Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Florida Keys. I think I like Key Largo a lot, because you have less driving time. This makes it a lot better for the weekend getaway. These people have developed a pretty good situation for folks that want to take advantage of the reef system. We went out the French Reef and had a great day on the first morning after our arrival. The weather was wonderful and that's what we like, calm seas.

Hilario V.