We always hunt to find the very best souvenirs

Souvenirs that Ladies will wear forever
I could not help but get some of the ribbed tank sleeveless shirts that adorn the logo: Besame Mucho! go

1514 Bertha Street Grocery Store
The Corner Grocery Store is a classic tradition here, so do stop in. go

Great Selection and Colorful
Pick up some neat things for your shell shelling collection. go

Wet Shoe Sandal Product Line
You have to ask the gang at the shop to give you the low down, as they can tell it better than me. go

Boating and Snorkel Store
You can simply walk to it from your boat dock and pick up what ever marine and boating supplies you need to get you out on the reefs or fishing. go

Sip a Little bit of Wine
I would suggest a few glasses before you jump back onto the Cityview Trolley Tour. go

Little Island Sandwich Shop
We like to get our stuff to take out on the boat. go

Everything for your Dog
Being a doggie owner, I just had to send you this dogs on duval street video. go



Key Tree Cactus Preserve
See for yourself, the Florida Keys Cactus Tree! go

Tennis Courts are ready for play
Across the street is a huge public swimming and snorkeling area, so you can easily cool off in the water after getting your exercise in. go

Classic style Key West Bar and Cafe
The menu is full and has lots of meals with fish and grits! go

The Best Pick for Using a Snorkeling Vest
The hardest part is to figure out where you want to go and which day you want to go out. go

Islamorada Shopping, Marina, and Restaurant
They have a full service bar and cocktails by the water go so well together. go

Bottom Reef Fishing is so easy to do
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go

Go with the Fried Shrimp Basket
The Buzzard's Roost will cook your catch, and they have a cute little video on their website too. go


Pickup some Beach Toys


We would like to submit a website that allows you to pickup some beach toys while you are preparing for your trip. For example, here the ten of products to spice up that Shoreline play day. (1) Kids Surf Rider (2) Flying Turtle Kite (3) Solstice Stand-Up Paddleboard (4) Sportster three Person Inflatable Boat (5) Geyser 4-Inch Pool Baseball (6) Paradise Large Beach Balls (7) Siesta Folding Pool and Beach Lounge (8) Beach Bocce Set (eight balls in four colors) (9) Kids Life Vests (10) and Hydro Beach Volleyball. We welcome all beach lovers. Thanks for the submit website link option. Much appreciated.

Robt L.