We are big fans of the lobster and coconut art

Shopping Spot Ideas
Get all the zany things here, plenty to put on a smile. go

Duval Village Shopping Market
This shopping center is small in size, but large in stuff. go

Wet Shoes for the Beach
I now recommend Wet Wearable Sandals and Boat Shoes. go

Home Fixing Store
This general store features everything you think of: hardware, housewares, lights, ovens, and kitchen supplies. go

Shopping with five bucks works
Boy, did we ever come back with the best gifts for everyone in the family. go

Coolest Key West T-Shirts
Give it my number one happy hour pick and tee-shirt too! go

Wyland Art Gallery on Duval
Eye candy will surround you and delight the senses of the brain, it is a Key West art experience. go

Classic Island Grocery Store
Whatever is close by and satisfies your need is the target for orange juice, milk, eggs, sandwiches, and beer. go


Marketplaces to Shop

Cool area to use water toys
Nice stay. go

Hess Express MM-99 in Key Largo
This is the central part of the city where all the action is. go

Menu Specials for Seafood
Menu specials for seafood include dishes with wahoo, Yellowtail Snapper, black grouper and Hogfish. go

Taxi Service has the Island Covered
These guys always come through, call them from anywhere on the island. go

Hot Supreme Pizza the Italian Way
I would try dining here and Nine One Five Bistro, Old Town Mexican Cafe, and Mrs Macs Kitchen for some yummy treats that are a bit different that the traditional grilled shrimp. go

Margaritas with a Waterfront View
Come in on the bayside, the building is easy to spot even at night. go

Island Peddle Power
Cruising the Island is the only way to go. go

Creative Things on the Shopping List

Any excuse for shopping is what my wife says. Here is her logic for her toe surgery. You may not realize the tough times people go through with a medical procedure pending. Sorry is the word. Often the love ones know way ahead of the operation task ahead. The good ones do a thing called gift stacking! The poor person needs help and motivation. Whereby each time they visit, another gift is presented to the person going through the medical procedure. Gift stacking is a wonderful thing and I will stack your Florida Keys gifts on the white table. In my time of medical need, Florida Keys gift stacking is refreshing!

Ester Y.

Recreational Marijuana Shopping

District of columbia voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative legalizing recreational-purpose marijuana that will be subject to more congressional review. Alaska and Oregon is a couple of good examples where recreational marijuana get-something-shopping is legal after voters approved cannabis ballot measures. Colorado and Washington were the first to previously passed similar ballot measures legalizing marijuana. Many states and the district of columbia currently have laws legalizing norml.org medical-marijuana in some form. More states have legalized marijuana for recreational use and Florida needs to be next.

Lila T.