We like the area over by the West Martello Tower, it is gorgeous

Curry Hammock State Park
However, because the location is a ways away from any of the city centers, there are usually just a handful of people at the park. go

Blue Hole Nature Center
A small park for nature observation and has a walking trial. go

My favorite local outdoor park
You can hang right on the beach in a beach chair or take advantage of the barbecue pits that are available. go

Southwinds Community Park
Everyone on vacation in Islamorada will see this park along the bicycle pathway. go

Marathon Key Sightseeing Island
The island is good to slowly walk around to absorb the rich history, and it is very pretty. go

Vacations Pleasures of every possible kind
I just had to take a photo of the backside area behind the bar. go

Boaters use the Channel Cuts
You should learn a few minutes worth of information about the Florida Keys Marine Park. go

Fitness Activities in the Florida Keys
The park itself is used by locals and gets busy late in the day, after the work hours. go


Into the Wild

Kayak Zone off of Marathon Beach
Parking for autos is plentiful by the beach access areas, which makes it so nice to pop over and do. go

Very fun for Island Touring
When I saw the six-person electric cars running around Key West, it was predetermined forever in my head that this is the way to get around the island. go

Staying in the Resort of Coconut Palms
We wanted a good time with a bit of upgrade over the basic condos. go

Hotels for Boaters in Key West
Our family had a really good time staying here. go

The Big Trees Tower over the Streets
Most of the people that visit our fine city are focused on the food, beaches, diving, fishing, and attractions. go

Waterfront Vacations are just so Interesting
You can walk to lots of local north-end bars and restaurants, and it is about three miles to the city center party zone. go

Loving the Underwater Watersports
Our trips out on the Atlantic Ocean off mile marker 1 were just the coolest thing we did during our vacation. go

Island Nature is a Reward

Living on the islands has a few issues. Sorry to hear about the rat, but you are wrong. Kitty would love it. He would love to catch it. However, he must stay here and chase the birds and squirrels. We can go to the reef fest but first I would like to take a quick 10 minute trip up the road to look at pavers. The place is about 10 minutes north of here. It is opened 8am-12am on Saturdays. I do not have a rat but I have ants. They have come since I was away for 5 days. Please bring some ant spray and I will buy some too this weekend. Tell everyone to stop at Captain Tony's at 9pm for the street party.

Emmitt T.

Have a good time Outdoors

Golf is another way to have a good time outdoors. It was a great joy to be able to play a round at the Southernmost Golf Course as part of the dizzy array of sports adventures in the Florida Keys. The golf morning was a nice switch from the fishing and watersports. There are a lot of good outdoors enjoyment options. It is nice to see a bunch of the nature spots.

Stanley A.