We like to focus on the tropical drink menu

Freshly Brewed Coffee Hot or Iced
You can stop on the bicycles as the Cafe is in a great part of the island. go

Amazing Dining at Marquesas Cafe
It is a great treat to have the fancy creations placed in front to devour. go

Winning Bars for Seven Nights a Week
Super spot for people watching and cold brews, this is were we go in the evenings during our Key West Vacations. go

We love to eat on Duval Street
You will really like the views of Duval and all the crazy people that cruise by down the sidewalks and streets. go

Flavors good for all Summer
Right next door is where you catch the Conch Train Tour Ride. go

Get a nice Table
A dinner-time specialty is the pink shrimp linguine with garlic, romano cheese, and cream sauce. go

Key West Pizza Shop
Part of our trip planning for the Florida Keys includes figuring out where the fun places to eat are. go

Places to Eat at the City Center
One of the finest places for breakfast through dinner on the island. go


Eating Tables

Great deal of History
We printed out the free walking tour before we drove down so we could take advantage of reviewing more of the historic island. go

Paddle Pleasures of Key West
I like to keep my camera around my neck, to keep it dry and ready for plenty of photos. go

Dockside Playtime greets the Cruise Ships
To find it, just go to Zero Duval until you hit the dockside waterfront. go

Things on the Sightseeing Bicycle Pathway
Using special high tech underground radar tools local archeologist were able to locate the remains of an amazing historical event. go

Primetime Key Lime Pie Cafe
As soon as my first spoonful, I knew this was a primetime Key Lime Pie Recipe. go

Parrots in the Keys Hotel
Having the Winn Dixie grocery store, CVS, and so many stores within walking distance was nice. go

Primetime Island Style Camping
It takes about twenty minutes to get all the way to Old Town Key West. go

Drinking Beer in Paradise

Drinking beer in paradise is just part of the culture of the Florida Keys. Brewfest is one of the really neat summer events to sip on some tasty beer from around islands and beyond. Try some of the bars and pubs that are new to you. It is a lot of fun to experience different types of seafood. Eating out in the Florida Keys is a lot more fun.

Alma F.

Happy with the Cocktails

Oh the full moon is coming. It will be here this weekend. It will be a full moon, on a summertime weekend. All the critters will be out. It will be a wild weekend! Is pretty darn good to go out on these evenings where their full moon is blowing up the sunlight. You do realize that the moon does not actually have a lightbulb inside of it. When you go to the full moon parties in the Florida Keys, remember it is only the reflection of the sun. It should be a sun party. All of the bars in Big Pine Key do a really good job with extra good alcohol sales and discounts.

Beulah P.