We love a quality meal for a good price

Key West Frozen Drink Restaurant
This is the heart of the city, yes, the city center is here. go

Eating Out Ideas
A montadito is a Spanish sandwich and this place sells one hundred different kinds of sandwiches, thus the name 100 Montaditos. go

Supreme Pizza Shop
Get a whole pizza cooked to order or get a slice from the just out of the oven ready. go

Beer Food Music and Fun
The food is plenty yummy and they make the fresh juiced margaritas with the strong pour twist. go

Big Thumbs up to the Gang
What a nice mix for a primetime raw bar, seafood and a lively atmosphere. go

Key West Crab Cakes
Got the outstanding Meatloaf Platter and it was a thing of beauty! go

Breakfast Specials in Key West
Really fast serve and right on Duval, upper end. go

Sit on the Patio
I have to rave a bit over the homemade meatloaf sandwich and the classic hamburger. go


Looking for the Restaurants

Easy Island Adventures is Bikes
Fifteen minute later, we had the tire looking plumpy with its new tube inside. go

Quick Stop Shop
There is another entrance on that side of the building as well. go

Top-10 Duval Shopping Store
We like to get our gifts for the folks back home from the Margaritaville Key West Store. go

Ultimate Salad and the Marinara Dish
Locals know all about it and you can get all the various types of tasty stuff they use on a daily basis at the Help Yourself Cafe. go

Always Smiling on the Scooter in Key West
Zoom-Zoom Beep-Beep! go

Heading out for some Watersports
Ask any questions, their safety everywhere. go

When you're tired of walking, let someone else do the work for you. go


Tips for Island Trips

Looking for the Restaurants

I have a few tips for island trips to add in. Condo Rentals in the shipyard are cheaper and better than the hotels. Try Smathers Beach for morning walks. Conch Seafood has yummy treats with a great waterfront view. Some great picks for dining include: Pineapple Bar, Havana 1, Cayo Hueso Cafe, Croissants De France, Bistro 245, Fridays Cafe, and Dante's Poolside.

Pete G.