We love all the boating ideas for Monroe County

Go for a Big Trip Dive in Key Largo
Our kids loved the trip (perfect for all ages), and who would not. go

Ideas for Fun on the Key West Ocean
It is a big thrill. go

Big Pine Key Boat Towing Services
Boat Tow Services are pretty cheap when you think about the peace of mind benefit. go

Submerge into an Underwater Paradise
Dive in to discover a spectacular biological wonderland and what a view. go

Smiles on the Reef Dives
Our family loved the dive spots and the zany types of marine life to see. go

Free Drinks on the Sunset Cruise Boats
The commentary and service really adds to the experience. go

Seaport Boat Docking Area
The area is outstanding. go

Get out on the Waterfront
We found this great spot on the northern side of Key West, at Hurricane Hole on Stock Island. go


Inspired to Visit

Very Romantic with Playful Appeal
All were excellent choices, but rooming at the Curry Mansion Inn fits perfectly with us having the best of times. go

Bread Shop
Our group all got sandwiches (Mojito Club, Shrimp Sandwich, Cuban Mix, and the Lobster BLT), what we asked about was the bread. go

Another fun time at Mallory Square Dock
Every evening is so magical along the Mallory Square Dock Waterfront. go

Last Minute Hotel Deals Key West
This is our favorite hotel now. go

Wet Shoes for the Beach
The key is shoes that let you go from the water to the boat and into the restaurant. go

Use the Bikes to get Around
Spending a few minutes briefly reviewing the Key West bicycle policy is not a bad idea. go

Blue Agave Martini Drink Recipe
They had the dance floor full. go


Bunch of nice Diving Locations

Inspired to Visit

We you scuba dive around the Florida Keys, pay attention to shinny objects. There are lots of lost treasures Underwater and you just might find a valuable treasure-chest! Mel Fisher paved the way with all the gold bars, artifacts, and centuries old gold chains. There are a bunch of nice reef diving locations in the area. Divers often find small pieces of treasures.

Cliff I.