We love the Things on the Top-Ten Things to do List

This is Now a Key West Mini Department Store
They offer fantastic prices on all sorts of gifts, beachwear, snorkel gear, and jewelry. go

Amazing Past of the Overseas Highway
The themed mercantile store was very interesting and gave a nice historic view of goods sold at the time. go

Driving in the Florida Keys
This is one amazing road, with a history that rivals any five star movie. go

All around the island is Historical Sightseeing
These homes were the first of their kind on the island, with poured concrete and steel for hurricane proof fortification. go

Great Things to See on the Island
Possibly the most famous is the Southernmost House. go

Top Pick for Cuban Food in Key West
Now to celebrate and let others see and learn about these beginnings, you can tour it here at Cigar City. go

Historic Florida Keys Foundation
The walking tour is operated and managed by the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. go

They Could Not Make a Nicer Park
The park entrance is right on the backside of the Truman Annex Complex. go


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Quick Service Patio Style
Order to go and you can take it one block to the 7-Mile Bridge Picnic Area. go

Upper Keys Chamber of Commerce
The watersports and marinelife give it something so unique, a very nice mix. go

Take it easy on the Dive Trip
Go with a group to have the most fun, we like the snorkel trips and others in our group go scuba. go

Resort by Mallory Square
The good life is being located in Key West's Old Town zone. go

Keys Talk and Entertainment Show is a Big Hit
This my new favorite TV Show about the Florida Keys! go

Kayak Store
Forget about the big boats (although they are fun too) as the kayak rules around the shallow islands. go

Kayak Launch at Curry Park
It is quick and easy, plus they give you a kayak trail map of the park. go


Enjoyed the Sightseeing

Learn about Everything

There was a pleasure to do a full week vacation down here. I have to say that one of the best things we did was the Party Cat boat rental. What a party and you just cannot have a better time enjoying the waterfront. You get to buzz around up high on the giant ship with plenty of tunes, cocktails, and smiles! One of the most unique things we saw was the Silverman. This guy is all over town, or maybe there are a few of them! Give him a thumbs up or see if you can make him smile and have some change handy. All of your Nature Lovers need to go to the Butterfly Conservatory. One of the things we did not expect is the really cool gift shop that is part of this Butterfly World. They have it all here and tons of stuff to see or touch up close. When you're ready for cocktails we would recommend the Chill Zone Bar every day is an open invitation to a Really good Party Spot, the chill zone. This poolside bar is one of the finest establishments in town.

Yesenia G.