We spend mega good times out enjoying the Florida Keys nature

Lovely Area of Tavernier
This is a prime spot to dump in a kayak or launch the boat, a big winner. go

Coco Plum Beach at Marathon Florida Keys
What a really nature focused beach park! go

Love the Little Baby Chicks
It is too cool, the world of playful chickens and roosters living here too and just look how cute! go

Sightseeing Locations with your Kids
Give this park a top ratings for families and there are plenty of bathrooms. go

Outdoor Locations
Any remaining undeveloped property on the island should be a park! go

Learn about the Turtle Hospital
So entertaining and educational at the same time. go

Key West Beach Park
This fort was one of the deterrents to the Confederate Navy and was never attacked. go

Scenic Parks in the Florida Keys
It was an easy adventure, and one to never forget. go


Picnic Areas

Use live bait for higher catch numbers
We love doing things like this, as Key West is way more about the nature and marine life than is the bar scene. go

Ten Miles before Key West
The first time I came here I knew something special. go

Our Favorite Tavernier Florida Keys Restaurant
Inside you get to browse the Lobster Art Work that comes from the store in Islamorada. go

Middle Islands Boat Gift Store
I was looking for a really cool home decor item and here you get lots of good choices. go

Cooling off with a Pineapple Coconut Gelato
Just the spot to cool off here along Duval for Gelato and all sorts of sweet treat desserts. go

Nearby Tennis is a free bonus
Yes, the boat dockage is a key feature and just about everyone that stays here is doing it for boat usage. go

Thrilling Adventures on the Island
Can you believe this? go

Burning the Calories in Mother Nature

Thanks for the fun, it was a wonderful easter weekend here in South Florida. All of the exercise is really good for keeping the blood pressure in check and the body weight down. Bike riding those trails we did at the Island Park makes you work a lot harder that cruising the sidewalk. The slightly cooler weather is nice, and the sun is coming back. Spring is over after this in heat terms, swim season is about one or two weeks away max! It is important to maximize your good weather days.

Denver W.

Enjoying the Bicycle Pathways

That is great news on your Overseas Highway bicycle pathway calorie burning. I am so happy for you and the news is inspirational to get me going more too! Remember that calories-intake minus calories-burned equals body weight change. You are winning the game!

Winston E.