What a wonderful way to spend the beach day

Free Parking Beach
It is a fun beach with all sorts of folks enjoying the day. go

Ideas for Waterfront Vacations
This hotel property is certainly special with all the history and being right on the atlantic ocean is wonderful. go

Private Beach Area is yours to use
Summer vacation doesn't have to mean a long drive, since the Breezy Palms Hotel is at mile marker 80, just about 30 minutes down the Florida Keys! go

Coconut Beach Swim Zone
Once you start touring Key West on bicycles, cool little places like this will pop up. go

Places to See on the Bike Trail
I wear sun protection on my skin starting first thing in the morning. go

Bring your Wet Wearable Shoes
Going to the beach is a great thing to do at Fort Taylor Park, just wear a big and comfortable island style hat. go

Where to hit the beach in Key West
Near the middle of the island off Atlantic Avenue is this fantastic public beach park. go

Islamorada Public Beach Park
The simple pleasures in the keys are all about playing in the ocean waters. go


Toes in the Water

Hot Pastrami Sandwiches
Everything is so casual and fun in this city, no need to dress up for lunch and dinner. go

Ask about the Feed Times
Expect to see all sorts of wild bird species and the classic island style nature. go

Walking Tours are tons of fun
What can be better than a Key West drinking tour, for adults only of course. go

Nautical Gift Shopping
You'll be glad that you stopped at these cute little roadside attractions! go

Vacations at the Sombrero Resort and Marina
The island is darn big at around six miles, so from the middle it is easy to bicycle around to all parts without needing the automobile. go

Lower Keys Shuttle Service
Periodically, a big rainstorm comes through or someone in the group is just too hot. go

Hit the Traffic Free Fishing Bridges
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go


Bone Island Beach Cafe

Toes in the Water

We are so pumped for the trip down to Marathon and Cudjoe Key. I am probably going to leave around nine or 10am. I have a few things to do in the morning and I don't want to deal with rush hour traffic on my day off. It will give kitty some outside time too. Mid day is a decent time to travel down the Overseas Highway during the mid week. I made cole slaw, macaroni healthy-good-salad, and taco dip for the Fort Taylor picnic. Cuban bread will go good with the slow cooker pork loin so please get some cuban bread if you can. We can make the own cuban sandwiches, although the bone island beach cafe is all about Cuban Food at Taylor Beach Park.

Zack W.