What would a vacation be without some time floating with a water noodle

Rent a Boat
Celebrate summer in the beautiful Florida Keys in a boat, that is my kind of thing. go

Boat Tow Helper
The number one issue is dead batteries closely followed by boaters running aground. go

Lignumvitae Channel Bridge
The bulls-eye for fishing and boat play. go

Dive Center on the Overseas Highway in Marathon
Confidence and knowledge are the key to a safe trip out on the wrecks or reefs. go

Enjoying Water Play on the Eco Tour Rides
Nothing beats the water here in Key West, the clarity is flat out amazing. go

Easy to do Key Largo Kayak Rental
I would say that the kayak trips are as good as it gets. go

Dry Tortugas Eco Tour
This national park is something so interesting to see, about two hours by ship from Key West. go

Places to take the entire Family
The entire thing is very exciting, and sometimes your heartbeat will get going kinda quickly. go


Journeys on Water

The Neat Adventures of Spearfishing for Seafood
We started putting together a list of Watersports Activity List of Things to Do. go

Waterfront Vacations are just so Interesting
This is where to get a ladies bikini around the hotel grounds! go

Showcase Resort
The room was just too pretty, loaded with neat art and care. go

Budget Travel to the Florida Keys
The consensus was to rent bicycles or electric scooters and save money on your hotel bill. go

Best Place to get some Pizza
They specialize in pizzas and panini, and make all sorts of interesting recipes. go

Waterfront Hotel and Tiki Bar
You can do all of this fun hotel stuff before or after hitting one of the many restaurants and bars that line the marina. go

Touring Key Deer Boulevard
A small park for nature observation and has a walking trial. go


He Best Area for a Paddle Adventure

Journeys on Water

Bring your google phone, gps, whistle, and ice cold water for a neat trip on the water. One of the better places to go and (Kayak Florida Bay) paddle around on the bayside of the upper side of Key Largo. We love the nature and fitness mix, as you do get a nice workout while sightseeing. When the sun shines down straight into the water, that is the time to go as you can see the most. Launch from the location here or take them to your rental condo, plus offered is a drop off and pickup service. The rental shop will hook you up with the gear, and you will be off, all in five minutes or less. Just the best area for a paddle adventure on any nice day. You can rent by the hour, multi-hour, day, or longer.

Rocco P.