You leave by boat and can turn either way to huge the coastline and explore

Dock tie up on 2 Sides
You get lots of reefs and fishing landmarks to target out on the boat, Alligator Reef is a sweet location nearby. go

Stock Island Boat Ramp
You can do a wonderful tour around the perimeter of the island of Key West. go

Marathon Boating Tips
Boating to down the keys takes you to the seven-mile bridge and Boot Key Harbor. go

Boot Key Kayak Launch
What makes this ramp so special are the waterway options. go

Enjoying the RV Resort Boat Ramp
From the boat ramp you have immediate access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Reef Parks, 7-Mile Bridge, and the Backcountry Fishing options. go

Exploring the Island for Scenic Boating
It was primitive by public park standards, but a small boaters dream launch area. go

Fun on the Water in Marathon
You pay the attendant the fee and off you go to Ocean Deep or the Scenic Backcountry. go

Plantation Key Hotel for Boaters
This place turned out just so nice. go


Boat Launcher

SUP Locations in Key West
Whatever is best for the day: kayaks, snorkel tools, SUP, and tons more! go

Pick your fishing based upon the Wind
But the number one thing to do is get out on the water any way you can. go

Island Tiki Fishing Boat Docks
The boat goes right under the Overseas Highway via vaca cut and then it is all about finding the fish. go

Super fishing park at the Channel Four Bridge
The people behind the bridge improvements really had the regular visitor in mind, they are super for sightseeing or fishing. go

Grilled mahi-mahi makes me Smile
Going for a group fishing outing to catch as many keepers as possible and legal. go

Curry Hammock State Park Beach
Just above Marathon Florida is a fantastic little beach park. go

Boat Ramps
What a super place for some watersports. go

Award-Winning Island Coastline

I love the Key Largo Vibrations Island eNewsletter. Everyone has a love of Key Largo Florida. Regardless of where you live around the globe, this is a place to plan a visit. Key Largo is a multi-award-winning, vibrant, sexy and charming town located in prestigious Florida Keys. For decades, Key Largo has been a top destination resort with its multiple miles of award-winning island coastline. A most fun town for reef trips. We recently won the title of the Most Fun Small Town in Florida by the Travel Channel. Yes we're still bragging about it. Thanks for heading down to see us. Excited. You bet we are.

Nikki J.

Good Spot to Launch

Q: we are going to travel south from Miami biscayne down to the Florida Keys. Marathon seems like a good spot to stop for a few days, then down to Key West. Is there a good spot there to dump out the boat, fuel up, and has overnight mooring? Needing a Marathon Marina recommendation for mooring large boats is key here. A: mooring balls and canal dockage at Boot Key Harbor City Marina is a great option for you to consider. They have a lot of mooring spots inside the inlet, but they do not take reservations. The marina's mooring field occupies almost all of Boot Key Harbor.

Jasmine E.