You should see it for sure

Where the Locals Drink
One of the very best places to go in the city for fun and the great bar scene. go

Top Ten Marathon Restaurant
The spacious open-air seating is a big part of the charm. go

Really good Places to Visit
And that's what everyone was doing. go

Find your own Atocha Treasures
Amazing! go

Lots of Sargent Major Yellow-Black Fish
It is the greatest, just pop in the water at any point in the day to cool off and see some of the marine critters in the clear water. go

Kids Playground
Make sure you bring your water shoes, the wet wearable shoes that can get wet so you can walk the shoreline down behind the campground. go

Boat Trip Tickets
The ocean, reef, and great port are what made this island so famous. go

Things to know about Florida Keys Bicycle Riding
Our trips are so much enhanced when we put the bikes on the car rack. go


Happy Travel Picks

Vacancy for Weekly Condo Rentals
Now we know the location where to stay in the Middle Florida Keys. go

Meat Bean and Cheese Burrito
The word is out and everyone knows and recommends Salsa Loca as a Top-10 Rated Casual Spot for Key West Dining. go

Monthly Rental on the Ocean
The area is just amazing for watersports, fishing, and paddling the waters on a kayak. go

Boater Friendly Cocktail Party Pad
Not that far from the seven mile visitor center which is where we go to get the discount coupons and the buy one get one free drinks. go

Marathon Key rocks for Bicycle Riding
The trails are very wide and have restrooms, water, and a lot of shade trees to ride under. go

Overseas Highway Shrimp Shack
You will like the menu here. go

Gear Store for the Fishing Trips
Fresh fish caught can be taken to Turtle Kraals to cook your catch. go


All about Holiday Smiles

Happy Travel Picks

The modified holiday collection schedule is as follows: Residential: Garbage, yard-waste recycling, or blue-box green cart recycling will not be affected by the Christmas holiday. Transfer Station Scale House will run a modified schedule on Christmas Eve, closing at 2:30pm. Collection will run one day behind for the remainder of the week. For questions or concerns, please contact the City of Key West Utilities Consolidated Call Center. The facility will be closed on Christmas Day. It is good to know the Christmas Holiday Solid Waste Collection Schedule. New Key West residents are encouraged to contact County Solid Waste Management for their holiday collection schedule. Commercial accounts scheduled for service on Wednesday, December 25 will be serviced on Thursday, December 26. The City of Key West Christmas tree collection service will run Monday, December 30 through Friday, January 3. Normal schedule will resume on Thursday, December 26. The collection schedule for City of Key West customers with regularly scheduled collection day on Wednesday, December 25 may be affected by the Christmas holiday. Normal collection schedules will resume Monday, December 30. Residents are asked to remove all decorations and lights, cut tree limbs to four feet lengths, bundle, and place at curbside on their regularly scheduled yard waste collection day.

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