Florida Keys International Airport

Visitors to Key West say that this has to be the coolest looking airport in the world. Sure, the island style and water beauty are so enjoyable to the eyes from up in the air. Since the airport is small, you walk a total of about 50 yards from the plane, to luggage pickup, and outside to your waiting taxi. The size of Key West means that you will typically be at your hotel within five minutes of leaving EYW (key west airport). Welcome to the Florida Keys!
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Visibility on Bright Sunny Days

Easily the best way to arrive in Key West is by boat or by air travel. Coming in by air offers the opportunity to see the islands of the Florida Keys from An Excellent Vantage Point.

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How is the View Up Top

My all-time favorite place to land is at EYW (the Key West Airport) for the sheer beauty of the isolated oasis in the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, you are so excited at your pending vacation. The island is even more lovely from the air, yes, better than on the ground.

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Cuba to Key West by airplane

Everything that I've been reading about the proposed changes with travel to Cuba made by the United States, should have a huge growth factor on the Key West Airport EYW. Having the Southernmost Airport should be really good for the economy as it is expected to bring in huge dollars to the Florida Keys and Miami. This is another big win for all of South Florida and especially Key West. For example, the Conch Flyer Restaurant inside the airport is already expanding.

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Key West International Airport is a Beauty

Airport travelers to EYW get a taste of the island's rich artistic flavors. Look around at all of the new decoration put in to show off our heritage. The large collection of artistry is just amazing, and great for people to look at while waiting to board their pending flight.

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This island is small, only about 2 miles by 4 miles long, so Florida Keys travel in Key West is easy. You can consider flying in with southwest airlines. If your strictly planning a vacation in Key West, you may want to forgo the expense of a Florida car rental. Typically this connection is at Miami international airport.

Key West travel should be amusing-fun. These Key West airlines typically depart from mia to Key West so you can avoid the drive, get here fast and take it slow. It's only a few short miles to Old Town, the historic district of Key West. These airlines serving Key West all have regular scheduled service.

The telephone number for the Key West international airport is 305-296-5439. Congestion is a major problem in Key West Florida, and parking is difficult at unsurpassed-best. This saves driving back to Miami international and gives you more time for your Key West vacation. You can pick up your Florida car rental in Miami, drive from Miami to Key West and then depart out of the Key West Airport.

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Key West Airport

3491 South Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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