Alligator Reef MM-80

It was a pleasure taking a boat ride out to Alligator Reef, with such great water clarity. While your chances at seeing a giant alligator are not so good here, expect a fantastic adventure. Plan to see plenty of sea-critters, my favorite is the sea turtle.
Nigel M.

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Everything has a Great Story

The story goes the USS Alligator hit the skids here. Yes, it sank and of course for years after people were trying to salvage off of it and the left overs. Therefore the name Alligator Reef stuck forever.

Nigel J.

Where to scuba in the Upper Florida Keys

The dive sites in Key Largo that we enjoyed the most includes the North Dry Docks, the City of Washington Shipwreck just offshore of Elbow Reef, and the wild Conch Reef. Night dives are very intense.

Leigh I.

Enjoy the Show about Scuba Sports

We got to enjoy most of the shallow reefs off Key Largo and Tavernier during our two weeks. Just about all the reefs are in a zone designated as Sanctuary Preservation Area. People watch for scuba diving rule breakers, as this is a protected marine zone. The reefs are getting more protection and support from the Florida Keys Fishery Agency, keeping this area so special. Look for fish and sharks, the amount of them is amazing.

Francine I.

Alligator Reef

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