Atlantic Ocean Shoreline Restaurant

Atlantic Ocean Shoreline Restaurant

There is something special about it and that keeps us coming back. Beach bars are the best with the prime bikini views like here at Higgs Beach Park bar! The views over the Atlantic Ocean will have you ready to waste away in Margaritaville. This is a great place to eat as well as chill out with a large Margarita and enjoy the ocean breeze. Come on in your sandals since it is casual with some upscale food twists. Pick from all the tasty frozen drink specials, fantastic food, and the ongoing bikini views. You might want to spend your whole afternoon here! Call it the perfect dining spot for lovers of the island lifestyle. I like to get the coconut shrimp seasoned with spices and coconut, plus citrus-mustard sauce. All guests will enjoy the laid-back island feel of the restaurant. It is so easy to boast about!
Virgil U.

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Patio Style Bars

I took this photo just before we were getting ready to go inside the restaurant which is on the right. The shady covered area outside is the place to sit. This island probably has more patio style bars with open air than any other in this state of Florida. It is true that there does seem to be a breeze every moment of the day. If it is warm out, always pay attention to where the fans are located before you pick out a table. It can make a big difference on how you feel when you're sitting, if you have a direct airflow of a fan. Being just one or two tables away from the direct fan airflow means, you might sweat. I really do not ever want to sweat while I eat, so pick a nice time to enjoy your Beachside Cafe. I would tell everybody to stop by here and at least have a pina colada. The food's fantastic, but it's the views that give this restaurant the it factor.

Leandro E.

Salute on the Beach

1000 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040
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