Bar of the Month

Bar of the Month

Please post your comments and submit your Key West Bar of the Month Contest video using our web form. Yes, just post your thoughts and have a fun shout out to the Key West World! We all love the Hogs Breath, they win plenty of awards...not so good in the beer drinking wars!
Raymundo W.

reader feedback

Love the Bar Wars Challenge

So impressive is Mr Cliff Cody doing his thing with this song. Never thought a male could make the whole thing work so well. He is the island man. A fantastic local artist. Cannot wait until the next bar wars contest.

Deann J.

Bar of the Day Winner

How about the Green Parrot for Bar of the Day! It is always a winner.

Fredric S.

Island Party Pleasures are the Way

They throw good parties down here, try La Te Da too. The town is both straight and gay friendly and open to all kinds of party pleasures. Live music every night. So glad I moved to the island.

Brianna K.

Notable Bar Food that is top on the List

You have to see the happy hours deals at Vito's. My pick here is the Bruschetta, the classic kind. Yes, Italian garlic bread toasted and topped with a tomato bruschetta relish made of diced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, spices, and roasted garlic.

Saul H.

Bar of the Month

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