Bar Winners for the View

Bar Winners for the View

The group loves the bars that have cool views of the boats docking up in the harbor. You cannot have more fun than watching the sail boat families coming in to dock their dinghy boats. Downstairs are plenty of waterfront tables to pick from and the menu is loaded with seafood goodies. You are going to like the view perched up top at the upstairs bar, just above the hustle and bustle below. The tasty stuff mahi can be gotten in a few different dish styles. Really good is the fresh island food cuisine.
Duane C.

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Cocktail Bar Winner

Super good is the Turtle's Upstairs views, that is the sunset idea for all new people to the area. This is one of those places that works really good for just about anybody visiting the city for dinner or lunch. The water views are spectacular for anyone whether you're vacationing in Key West or a familiar local face. Cocktails are the name of the game in this town, so we do go to the happy hours here often. Turtle Kraals restaurant and bar is the prime spot for experiencing the island's freshest seafood or get something that will be baked in the wood fired oven. No need to dress up, your short pants are just fine. Turtle Kraals Dockside restaurant is laid-back often, plus picks up the fire with music playing. {I like a festive atmosphere when eating}. The restaurant motto is eating island cuisine, reflecting the proximity of the bahamas and the caribbean. The kitchen makes an excellent hamburger and French Fries if you just want something basic to go with the beer. Turtle Kraals is an iconic waterfront destination just steps from Duval Street. Make sure to see the Henry Booty Singleton showcase just in front of the bar.

Natalia E.

Turtle Kraals

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040
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