Bayside Frozen Alcohol Cocktails

Bayside Frozen Alcohol Cocktails

There is a darn nice place to get some smoothie frozen alcohol cocktails at mile marker eighty-one in Islamorada. The Fish Company Tiki Bar is a prime spot and we enjoyed a couple of cocktails while we were there and loved the vibe. You get to sip on these big drinks and taste a bunch of interesting appetizers. It is a lot better to do more splitting on your orders, so everyone gets to try a bit of everything. The conch fritters, blackened shrimp, and plantains just delicious. I would recommend to all to have an entire meal and enjoy a beautiful keys sunset. Do not miss the big retail Bass Pro store and you can arrive by boat if you so desire, as they have mega free Boat Dock Parking!
Randi Y.

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Tables with Sweet Views

The variety of places you can sit and eat at this restaurant is simply amazing. They offer three different bars on the property, including one on the second floor of the store inside. The second-floor bar has really nice views from the upper level angle. Make sure you at least go up and have a beer in the Zane Grey Bar. If you are a family with kids, you picked a very nice restaurant to stop and eat at. Table seating is spread out all over the complex and most of them all have really good views. Tropical music plays in the background, like the mile marker twenty four band. They do not have live music on a normal basis here at this bar. If you're looking for live music after you have your dinner, we would recommend the Lorelei Bar.

Maggie W.

Fish Company

81532 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036-3701
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