Tennis at Bayview Park

Tennis at Bayview Park

The courts are here, so yes you can bring your tennis rackets to Key West. We tend to eat a little more and indulge in cocktails to a higher degree during our Florida Keys vacations. Therefore, our fitness programs need to continue each and everyday. Hitting a few tennis balls in the afternoon is perfect for us. The island is also just fabulous for Bicycle Riding and jogging. Needless to say, everyone gets all kinds of exercise when you are Snorkeling on the ocean reefs.
Coy E.

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Truman Avenue Tennis Court Park

Rain means tennis players hit the Bars! We've been lucky with our Key West trips. The 10 day weather forecast looks excellent for our time there. We need to get a couple of rain coats, they have some really good stylish ones these days.

Eddy T.

Community Tennis and Fitness Park

Tennis is always part of the island for fitness, and it is just a little bit more fun down here. Free parking is plentiful here around the courts. Same thing goes for the tennis courts over by higgs Beach Park. You can take lessons at either location. Everyone is so busy on bicycles, only locals play tennis in Key West.

Melvin J.

Roosevelt Boulevard Tennis Park

Our group goes to the Outback after our tennis matches as it is cool inside and has yummy food and beer. I also love the Gold Coast Rita, they have a nice recipe with Cuervo Gold and is smooth when you order it on the rocks, no brain freeze! This is what the key west leagues do, work out and go have some fun.

Daphne V.

Bayview Park Tennis

700 Truman Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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