Mile Marker Zero Landmark

My favorite city in the world for sightseeing is the city of Key West Florida. Just amazing are all the artifacts, treasures, distort homes, bars, and restaurants. Everything has a Great deal of History attached to it and the buildings must keep the original look and feel. The US1 Mile Marker Zero sign is a fabulous local landmark, and we took photos too. Make sure you rent bicycles to really explore all the great landmarks.
Sherri K.

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More Key West Sightseeing Opportunities

This part of Key West features an array of interesting museums, shopping opportunities, distort homes, and landmarks like the Mile Marker Zero sign. Check out the courthouse across the street and notice the date that is displayed on the top. Things like this really makes you appreciate the history of the Florida Keys.

Jonathon H.

Something Special Around Every Corner

So fun is the sightseeing over here by the Green Parrot, everyone loves the Start of US1 Sign. Looking forward to the Annual Bike Appreciation Day and Parade, that was our big focus this weekend. Also, do not miss the End of the Rainbow (famous signage) on The Other Side of the street from the US1 landmark.

Berry Z.

Fun to do off of Duval Street

We're now looking for your photos of more cool signs. Yes, the bizarre signs from anywhere in Florida. Submit your url here. The best will be featured and linked in to our upcoming video show.

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Landmark Zero is a Must-see

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What do locals love to do in Key West

Good Things to See around the city include the: Aquarium on Front Street, the Tropical Botanical Garden, Golf Club, Audubon House on Whitehead Street, Curry Mansion Museum, and Ernest Hemingway Museum. Do see us at Truman Real Estate Services for your local buying needs.

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Begin US1 Landmark

500 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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