Best Beach in Key West

Best Beach in Key West

What a really nice park, voted the best beach in Key West. The first time we got to the Shoreline, the sun was in full bloom and you could see the super water clarity. Going to the beach is a great thing to do at Fort Taylor Park, just wear a big and comfortable island style hat. Snorkeling is a really good thing to do, so do bring your snorkel gear to the beaches of the Florida Keys. This park is special and they have rock piles that attract the fish.
Mina C.

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Bring your Wet Wearable Shoes

The beach Shoreline here at the park is fantastic. I am assuming this is the Southernmost Beach in Florida and the water is really good for swimming. It's very pretty coming here and hanging out for a while. Up on the beach about twenty five yards or so are really large shade trees if you don't want to be in the sun for too much. There's a picnic area around the trees, I see a lot of people just hang up their because of the views. Just like all the beaches in the Florida Keys, some of the ladies will go topless and do it discreetly. I would tell all the ladies that is probably better to stick to the bikini, as you could get in trouble with the police if you go topless, I assume. The bathing suits these days don't hide anything anyway, so there's no need to worry about it. A thin white bikini that gets wet is completely transparent and just the same as being nude or close to the Body Paint style of dress. Make sure you bring your wet wearable shoes. I tell everyone to follow the Bicycle Parking Regulations at the park, as they do not like it when locking your bike around trees.

Dominic L.

Fort Taylor Park

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040
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