Best Key West Bar Views

Best Key West Bar Views

Voted as the bar with the best views in town and the cocktails come with a strong pour. The food is tremendously good here and it is known for outstanding fire roasted steak preparation and delivery. Try the chef's choice to really do it right, the daily pasta and catch of the day specials. In season the lobster is my menu pick, with grilled asparagus over parmesan herb risotto and a scallion drizzle.
Buster Y.

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Island Flavors

I was really impressed when I looked back at the new Turtle Kraals restaurant menu. The food is really good with all the island flavors that you would expect from a waterfront restaurant including the ceviche. Grouper and Mahi-Mahi are pretty much on the daily menu whenever they can get them fresh catch style. The fish out in the ocean are somewhat seasonal, but Yellowtail Snapper seems to be pretty much 100 percent all of the time fresh. The upstairs area is called the tower bar and a great place for cocktails and food. I noticed on their website it said that this was the zagat highest rated restaurant in the area. Don't forget to see the turtle races live and you can check the schedule for that on the website. Daily Live Music is a big part of the fun so I would try to tie my food eating for when the band is playing. This bar is right next to the Henry Booty Singleton sightseeing spot.

Lionel Y.

Turtle Kraals

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040
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