You are going to love this Event

You are going to love this Event

This town is excellent for the numerous sailing, snorkeling and sunset cruises to pick from. Nothing is like having complimentary beer, wine, and champagne cocktails on the boat trip at sunset. During the day us the sunlight to the fullest on the half or longer day snorkel adventures. Some of the trips have kayaks, jetskis, and food included. It makes for a super time.
Micah J.

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What to Do at Sunset

Really fun are the group trips where everyone comes together for a few hours to party and enjoy the waterfront. I think this is one of the Best Values for fun in all of the Florida Keys. Discount coupons and promo codes are available to lower the cost of the trip.

Grover A.

What to do at Sunset

All of the attractions near a and b make it one of the premier areas for drinking beer and Waterfront Sightseeing at the marina. On front street is A and B Marina, which you will see along the trolley stop routes. If Duval Street is the most popular road in Key West, then white street or front street must be number two.

Take a charter experience a wonderful day Fishing and the fuel, bait, plus the rest are here if you are boating or Fishing. Boat parking is plentiful, and then you have so many places to explore within walking distance, which is a big plus.

Luis B.

Sunset Water Adventures

631 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040
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