Bicycle Parking Rules and Regulations

Bicycle Parking Rules and Regulations

Spending a few minutes briefly reviewing the Key West bicycle policy is not a bad idea. Most things are common sense, however not so much on the bicycle locking regulation. The temptation to lock up to a pole or tree seems very appropriate. Sorry, that is not the way it is supposed to be down here at Mile Marker Zero. Lock them up to bike racks only, so your bicycle will not get towed.
Bryan P.

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Use the Bikes to get Around

Information has saved us on our Florida Keys Vacation again. Yes, do miss out on the really cool Florida Keys mobile website. We use it to get around and find more things to do on the islands. Everything is broken out by region, Upper Keys, Middle, and Lower Florida Keys.

Jenny R.

Bicycle Riding on your Vacation

Most of us forget we have a security alarm with us when the car is in the garage or in front of our hotel room. Yes, the panic button on your car keys could be a great tool to scare off a potential situation, when at home or on vacation. If you keep the keys easily available, you can hit the panic alarm on your keys if something really bothers you. Believe me, that will scare them off. Give it a little time and then you just turn it off.

Vernon J.

All over town are Trails and Pathways

Some tried to get a way on a bicycle. The helicopter is still flying overhead and now the cop car is out on the main street with it's lights on. I think the cop car is going to check anyone who comes in the neighborhood on a bicycle.

Pierre M.

Bring or Rent a Bicycle

Ok Stu. I have been thinking it might be nice to go biking in Marathon or Key West in Feb. We could stay in a Marriott and go on those bike paths we saw on the How to do Florida show. The weather will be nice for that in Feb.

Jeannette O.

Bicycle Parking

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