Big Boat Fishing Trips

Big Boat Fishing Trips

Going out on a really decently priced party boat is a sure thing for everyone that loves a good time. The key is to pick a really nice day with flat seas and light winds, then it rocks as a sightseeing adventure bonus. Do check the fishing reports to make sure the fish bite is solid and consistent. Go to the docks the day before and see what is being caught, then pick the perfect weather day.
Jan T.

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Best Fishing Boat in the Florida Keys

Our family went out, the four of us and had a blast. We got about 8 to 10 pounds of fish, mostly yellowtail snapper. People catch a lot of varieties, have your ice cooler to take you catch back to the hotel freezer. Fish is easy to bbq at the Hotel Tiki Bar.

Thomas P.

Party Fishing

Oh yes, this is a hoot of fun and you meet lots of people when you fish. It goes out of docks at mile marker fifty three, on the northern side of Marathon Florida Keys. Marathon Lady is the best trip going for a day on the ocean. Fun to see and we would definitely recommend this boat trip. Once you get here and spend a couple of days, seafood takes over, the focus on Fishing starts to sink in to your head.

Alden W.

Big Boat Fishing

11711 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050
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