Bike Parade Celebration

Playful times on Duval Street do not get much better than this. Always keep an eye out for this Annual Key West Bicycle Event, which I expect to get huge and grow from the 500 or so that participated in this particular year's event. Anyone can join in, but do know that this is very similar to the October Fest Traditions, you have to get dressed up all funky. That is the rule, do that and you are in!
Bennie O.

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Sponsored by Key West Burlesque

You should get involved in the annual Key West Bike Parade, a great event indeed. Traditionally it starts at upper Duval Street, and heads straight on down and around. It is big fun for all.

Julian S.

Drinking Beer on the Bikes

It is great exercise, the nice bonus of it, unless you drink beer on the way. You better start packing! And if you want a spare bike tube, pick one up. There are plenty of bicycle shops down on the island, most are open on both Saturday and Sunday. Take care.

Clay M.

Entertainment happens on Bicycles

Good events are fun to do in the city, and we did the Half Marathon in Key West last year. It was huge, as all the runners cruised through historic Old Town and waterfront areas. Loved the whole event, and the race challenge takes place on a fast and flat course...Sweet for the runners to clock the best times.

Brady F.

The best town in Florida for Bicycle Rides

The Bike Parade Video has me changing. I was thinking we could go on a long A1A sidewalk beach walk past Smathers, as soon as you get home on Friday. I can drive us out to the beach and go walking after you change OR bike ride is great too. Take care from Wine Festival Bound Drinkers!

Adam P.

Bike Parade

1405 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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