Award Winning Restaurant

Some places just stand out and deserve the awards and comments received. The first time we stepped into the restaurant was for a morning meal in the spring time. Roosters could be heard nearby, giving you a special feel of the environment. Locals know these critter's sound so well, this is the city were the unusual happens.

This restaurant is located central to the Old Town entertainment district. It was perfect for us, as we could walk to breakfast from the shipyard Condo Rentals in the Truman Annex. The service is friendly and menu outstanding with nice portions. I would call the atmosphere funky and relaxing.

Do go here at least once if you have time. Dinner has live music. Big blue is a tradition for us. Great Key West breakfast pastries and lunch specials too. Music at night is cool, plus the roosters. One to checkout in Key West.
Mitzi T.

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Very Lively Lunch Crowds

Any time you're in the mood for sun, roosters, laughs, and surprises. Cool spot, nice grub. Walk the area, there's excitement around every corner down here on the southside by Truman Annex.

Outstanding is what most nearly everyone says when we bring them for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast at the Blue Heaven. The outdoor seating is just so tropical and gives the feel of a hundred years ago.

top notch is the food and drinks, we love this place. I love rachel ray in Key West and she does it all for cheap. Such a great segment made the national TV network, it was so nice to see. Courageous or outrageous, Key West chickens make it fun. Thank goodness for saving money in the Florida Keys.

Kristina T.

Restaurant Pie Making Winner

This place was just jumping with craziness during the Goombay Festival. Make sure you go in the little shop there that part of the restaurant, on Petronia Street. You will not believe the size of the key lime pies, they do something special with the meringue topping. I believe they have Kermit beat on the Key Lime Pie.

Lawrence K.

Makes a fine Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Something so simple can be so good, just try the grilled cheese sandwich. Oh yes, white cheddar cheese with sliced very fresh tomato, red onion on toasted bread. Yummy.

The scene and fills a bar void in the Lower Florida Keys, we are into the hipster ambiance, food, and cocktails. Never have a worry on your mind when you step into this cool bar. Go here for a nice time out, and you should get their excellent hamburger. Take out food to-go is a winner.

Florine O.

Blue Heaven

729 Thomas Street
Key West FL 33040

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