Bocce Ball Park at Higgs Beach

There always seems to be somebody out playing this unique game. The bicycle path cruises right by here and you can quickly check out all of the beach areas which are located on the east side of the island. We like all the shade, Key West is really good about that. Tall trees and cool breezes seem to be everywhere and make outdoor recreation more comfortable.
Brenton P.

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Lots of Fun with the Locals

Just how fun is the City of Key West and it always surprises us with more and more treats. Why not try something different? Bocce, that is exactly why we always look for on our Florida Keys vacations.

Daphne E.

Good fun and spirit for All

Some call it Indigenous Park (names change in Key West) and it is on White Street there by Atlantic Street. The schedule is posted at the park, typically the events start after 6pm.

Ross H.

We play nearest ball

We play a variation of the game called the Nearest Ball. Yes, it is our game here on the island. It goes like this, player one rolls their first ball only. Then, player one steps aside to sip on their beer. Player one does not toss again until player two on the opposing side has gotten one ball closer to the target, the jack ball.

Pearlie T.

We need more Local Group Events

I am open to any ideas that anyone (bocce league or softball or volleyball) has as to how we can get our numerous fellow Conchs together, as a way to socialize and have fun in the area. If anyone has some thoughts, please let me know. We need to do more Bocce events too. Have a great weekend, and as always...GO Conchs!

Annette K.

New ideas for the Island Sports

We the winds blow strong offshore, the forecast is for Bocce rather than fishing. It is a nice backup, as the winds can keep the boat captain at the dock. We like bowling for dummies!

Emile K.


1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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