Show off your Body Painting

Defining nudity is up to the people of Key West, and the City Commissioners want your opinion. There are some that think that events like Fantasy Fest have got out of hand. The city is redefining what is nudity, including how Body Painting is viewed as legal or illegal. We want your take!
Omer L.

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Dazzle Everyone with a Special Design

When you get it done, pay close attention to the design arrangement. Also, be advised of the skin prep and favorite products to use ahead. Also, how long it will last and techniques to help the preservation of the art!

Candace H.

Vote Yes for Body Painting

Super things in the keys are about expression and freedom of speech using one's body...I will watch for sure and let you know.

Dominic Q.

Sexy Ladies

Sexy ladies with the Body Paint is fine. I don't know why people make a big deal a lot of the whole dilemma and I've seen it in the Key West newspaper over and over again. People should be able to wear what they want and if they only want to wear paint that's fine!

Have a different opinion on all of the cats that are loose in the city. There are too many kitty cats of people just feed in the wild. They don't want to take the responsibility. Ok, Florida Travel Commander. Please don't get any kitties. Kitties are expensive. They eat and go to the vet! Lion King kitty has to go to the vet Saturday morning for his checkup.

Sally L.

Body Paint

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