Get your Body Painting

A bit confusing are the Key West Body Painting Rules. They say that the city code is Body Paint doesn't constitute as clothing. Sometimes the city enforcement has cracked down on nudity, but often not so much.

We know for sure that it's very stimulating for the ladies to wear body paint. Why not take your mind to another level of sexuality, by displaying the feminine art that is your human body. I think is terrific, and I think most people would feel just the same way.

Luckily the Key West police are very easy going on nudity, topless list, and body paint. You can read about it in the newspaper, it's the way it is and people want it that way. If you want to know how it all happens just go over to the Fitness Shape Center and you will see the work out.
Araceli D.

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Paint art is applied in-doors

One thing is true, they do not let the artists paint people in the front of their stores. You have to be inside or generally blocked from public view when they apply the paint art.

Wendy M.

Going Nude in Key West

Celebrate the body beautiful in the Florida Keys. We need more skinny dipping location or maybe you have suggestions? Show yours off at these top beaches to see and be seen.

Candace H.

Body Painting

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