Shallow Water Bonefish

The mighty bonefish is a big treat to catch, as small or large they really fight. Do know the one-fish bag limit and most people do not keep any of the fish caught. The shallow saltwater flats (we prefer the bayside) of the Florida Keys are perfect to test your skills.
Billy D.

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Shallow Water Bonefish

The one bag limit is going away, as the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission proposed new rules. Yes, they are looking to tighten the rules and would allow only catch-and-release fishing for all targeted bonefish.

Chet E.

Fishing is going to be Great Today

Oh yes, no rain here this weekend, all dry now, starting about six hours ago. There is all dry air moving in from the East Dry, Dry, Dry! Time to head out and hit the backcountry, the fishing is always so much better with light winds and dry conditions. Good for us captains too!

Charmaine Y.

Florida Keys Bonefish

It says on the Florida Wildlife Commission Website that the record for the largest bonefish is Sixteen Pounds and Three Ounces. That must have been a fight. Caught in Islamorada bayside around mile marker 80 (Bud and Mary's). If the hook is difficult to remove by hand, use a hook-removal tool.

Harriett S.

Backcountry or Reef or Deep Gulfstream

Our time for bonefish is on very low winds, and when we have less time. You can get to the backcountry fishing action much quicker. Offshore to the the Gulfstream and the Humps is exciting, but takes more time and fuel cost. Many boaters just go to the edge of the reefs, which is another excellent option.

Melinda A.


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