Canoe Rental Key Largo

Canoe Rental Key Largo

Go here for the best place for canoe rentals in Key Largo. The family really enjoys this stuff as the paddling is at your own pace. The kids now started taking photography of all the Florida Keys parks using the canoe. Keep the canoe out of the open water and it will not tip over. They have those wide double-seater-Kayak Rentals and they will not flip at all. Using a canoe it is easy to fit five total people, when you have three kids. You cannot get a kayak for five total people, so the kayak wins hands down for a family of five, four, or three. Look for the park store near the reef boats for the canoe launching area. Waters sports rentals really enhance a Florida Keys park day visit!
Dannie C.

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What a great picture of that family in the canoe. I have never seen five people doing so well in a canoe like this before. Those three little kids in the middle are extremely lucky to have active and playful parents. They picked a really good place to take advantage of the water sports along the Shoreline. This magical state park has lots of Underwater Reef Trips and you can see the Lionfish inside the headquarters building. Make sure you look at the glass bottom spirit boat even if you don't take it out for the day. You get a little bit of everything in one state park location. Don't forget about your electronics when you go out on the Canoes, as they do tip over. Those pretty darn large tandem kayaks are almost impossible to tip over a less you really want it to go.

Robert I.

Pennekamp Park

102601 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037
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