Visiting the Top-10 Oldest Homes in Key West

Visiting the Top-10 Oldest Homes in Key West

Most of the people that visit our fine city are focused on the food, beaches, diving, fishing, and attractions. Certainly, you do want to get your fill of these outstanding activities. But touring the old stuff can be so interesting and it is usually the little things that stand out. When you see the Cary House, pay close attention to the fresh-water well the the left of the front door. Legends abound over pirates and sailors raiding the area to take the water they needed to live.
Garland L.

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The Big Trees Tower over the Streets

We saw this and tons of the older homes. You will love the tall shady trees, it really keeps the island cool with the non-stop breeze. All of the old homes have giant trees.

Shari U.

Self Guided Tours of the Island

The historic stuff is so cool to see, and we usually do that in the morning or late day, before or after our fishing and Snorkeling. It fits in so nicely with the watersports. Some of the other interesting attractions we like include: Joseph Porter House • Key West LighthouseCaptain Tony's Saloon • Western Union Schooner • West Martello Tower • and the Truman Little White House.

Ophelia J.

George Carey House

410 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040

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