Top Spots for the Authenticity of Tastes

Top Spots for the Authenticity of Tastes

We are fans of hitting some of the many old school style of restaurants on the island. Less glamor can typically mean a bit more fun and authenticity of the tastes. They make the perfect Cuban Mix, a Cuban sandwich with lettuce and tomato and mango sauce. They do know their pork dishes and the lechon asado is primetime.
Forest T.

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Pan Con Lechon Sandwiches

One of my favorites off the menu is the palomino steaks. Down here in Key West you can even order an entire whole fried fish. Easy to find about mile marker one at 800 White Street. Bistec de Calamar is a good selection, grilled calamari steak. Great for the children's menu is the Bistec de Pollo Empanisado, breaded chicken breast steak.

Hans F.

Local Eating

Cuban bread is the best, and Walmart grocery rocks down here in South Florida for cheap fresh breads. I am still so happy over the French Bread made with everything seeds, so tonight I went and got a sesame seed french bread loaf. These are full loafs, not cut. They have both, and I have been experimenting.

The whole loafs are better for cuban sandwiches, but the presliced just so convenient. The loaf is actually heavy, and a true value at $1! The Walmart label says baked with pride. I believe, as it is the best bread ever. Each time I am getting a different style. They are great for hot dogs, sandwich, and burgers. Get some at the Walmart near my old house. They put that in about one year before I left for Florida Keys life.

Marjorie F.

Cuban Restaurant

800 White Street
Key West FL 33040

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