Resorts Cherished for the Outstanding Views

Some places just seem to offer a little bit more than the rest and that is the way this resort was for us. We do love staying in old town district of the city, but having a room here along the ocean is even better. Try a sunrise coffee and breakfast celebration at the nearby Southernmost Point Cafe, next to South Beach Duval. Tennis is nearby at Astro Public Park.
Duncan F.

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Staying near Mile Mark Zero

Yes, this fancy trip to the best place on earth has earned you a new nick name, Ms. Mile Mark Zero!!! What a great nick name. You win the travel award. Yeah, we are staying in one of the entire world's top ten. Even the drinking lady on the travel channel would want to join us.

Marguerite R.

Love the Events of Key West

Hotel guests will find everything close by. Yes, the Duval Street shopping, South Beach Pier, and the Southernmost Point are all within a minute or two of walking distance. We like to stay during the big events. Try to pick a weekend like the Fantasy Fest, Goombay, Hemingway, the Poker Run, or Spring Break.

Katelyn Y.

Best Spots to stay in Key West

No question that this is one of the best Oceanfront Hotels, although the Sheraton by Smathers Public Beach is very nice. I would also recommend the Southernmost Hotel Collection, Pier House at Zero Duval, Curry Mansion Inn, Simonton Court, and the Cypress House.

Joesph Z.

Coconut Beach Resort

1500 Alberta Street
Key West FL 33040-4793

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