Celebrations Key West Style

Celebrations Key West Style

The open policy for what to wear or what not to wear is a big hit on the streets of Duval. Especially at night, look to see some really entertaining ways to walk nearly naked! The end of October is a special time in Key West, so do check the monthly event schedule to not miss a thing. The very liberal City of Key West dress code rules let people do what they want to do!
Yong T.

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Duval Street Crazies

The Duval Street crazies do come out at night and it's kind of fun and Very Entertaining. Please do not be shocked by the dress code of the people that walk around on the streets. You will see some shapely behinds and some that might not be so shapely at all. You have to get into the spirit of the area, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. I was very surprised at how many of the ladies use Body Paint as their only clothing. These women are semi-nude and painted on are just some colors to gracefully hide some of the key elements to her body. You will see more semi-naked people running around on Duval Street then you will at Fort Taylor Beach Park. We love this town and will continue to vacation down here again and again because of the liberal attitude and open dress code. A woman's body is beautiful and should be displayed.

Carmela T.

Fantasy Fest

1111 12th Street
Key West FL 33040
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