Channel Four Marker Bar

Channel Four Marker Bar

While their claim to fame is oysters, this inviting little hot spot serves up some of the best lobster rolls and fish tacos on the island. A good restaurant is casual and has those really huge glasses for iced tea and water after the walking adventures. They have the cold beer on tap, happy hours, and the frozen smoothies with alcohol inside! When hunger strikes, dip into the Half Shell for a quick bite and you won't be disappointed. Check the chalkboard when you walk in to see what fish is in season for eating dockside fresh. Look for the channel four marker outside the restaurant entrance, next to Conch Harbor Marina.
Dewayne H.

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Good Things on the Menu

Eating Fresh Seafood could not be any better than this particular restaurant, as they also have a retail seafood market right next to the restaurant bar. The location on the docks is nice and adds to the ambiance of a wonderful evening out for dinner. They have a lot of good things on the menu to pick from and probably the best to have would be the Jumbo Stuffed Shrimp, where they put crab meat inside of the shrimp with spices and it tastes great. If you don't want crab meat inside your shrimp, get the Jumbo Shrimp grilled, which is a super healthy way to eat it. They always have some kind of fresh fish special on the chalkboard, which you need to pay attention to when you first arrive at the restaurant. The most important thing will be to decide whether you want to sit up at the bar or get a table. At all of the classic bars of the city, I would recommend sitting at the bar the first time and that really gets you into the spirit of the setting.

Sonia C.

Half Shell

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040
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