Famous Charterboat Row at Garrison Bight

Famous Charterboat Row at Garrison Bight

Spending some time exploring the docks off the Key West Marina is really fun. There is a whole history behind this classic tradition, known as Charterboat Row. Many boats used to be illegally parked at various places around the island. The local Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers have the responsibility for enforcing boating laws and moving illegal vessels. It has been a large burden to local taxpayers who ultimately pay for the removal and disposal of derelict boats.
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Boat Docks at Garrison Bight

The city is working with the boating community to solve problems with abandoned boats that are moored in the city's waterways. In many cases these boats are private property and sinking or submerged, a big pain in the budget. We deal with it during our off shore weddings.

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The Old Midtown Boat Docks

What do locals recommend to do on the island? Here a few other of the top places for the history of the islands: Eduardo H Gato House and Truman Little White House. Save Duval Street for the nightlife and focus on everything else during the day. There is a cool locals bar very close to Charterboat Row. Yes, Shanna's Irish Pub gets lots of the captains that live at Charterboat Row and are fun to meet.

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Charterboat Row

1801 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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