Cocktail Bar on Greene

Cocktail Bar on Greene

This is a city to have some extra fun and this is a good place to do just that. Enjoy all sorts of entertaining cocktail libations from ultra sweet to super strong. I asked the bartender to pick a drink and so good is the propeller punch. The propeller punch recipe blends bacardi coconut, bacardi melon, pineapple juice, orange juice, ice, and splash of grenadine. Get any drink on the menu made classic style or go frozen and sip it like a smoothie. Enjoy one of the best in town party time bars, open until 4am!
Enoch A.

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They Play the Best Music

They play the best music in this bar. It's the kind of music that will make you wiggle a little bit and you can't stop. I like upbeat music that has got some horns. You will not go thirsty if you try some of the various types of mojitos. If you want to try something that's a little on the sweet side but that goes down so smooth, get the strawberry mojito. All of the drinks are made with only the fresh ingredients, including the mint and key limes. Go ahead and let your hair down ladies, and show a little skin. Put on your best smiles everybody and come down to the party zone.

Malcom E.

Rumor Lounge

430 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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