How to find Coconuts

You have to get creative to find some juicy and fresh coconuts down here in the Florida Keys. You will not find them right on the Overseas Highway, rather, one must look in the back country neighborhoods. Off the main path, then you can find them with ease.
Kirsten H.

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Secret Ingredient for Pina Coladas

It seemed like they were everywhere a few decades back. And they are still here, just harvested for making Key West Pina Coladas.

Ada L.

Coconut Lovers Island

Sweet Key West can you concentrate on the Florida Keys Lobster please! They are so hard to catch.

Kerry T.

Key West to do List

Hi...I started a new website page, which has a list of all of the places in Key West that I have input into my database (address, phone, etc.). When you click a link, that website will open up in a new window. This may help you out in Key West planning. I would like to have all the neat places on it and my fishing charter buddies.

Jared E.

Coconut Hunting

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