Music Party Sailing Sunset

Everything was just so special and the weather cooperated with us perfectly. It was a Wednesday evening when we set sail about an hour and a half before sunset. The ride seemed to go by so quickly as everyone was having so much fun. Margaritas add a little extra kick and juice to the endeavor. I am not sure I would bring children under six, but it is a great time for all but the smallest kids. Definitely this is a family focused adventure, with the music twist.
Brigitte K.

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Free Beer on the Boat

Free beer is a no-brainier. A boat voyage we had to take. I brought a friend and it was a gift as part of here birthday package! Remember to reserve once you know more on the weather, and then pick an evening. This will be great for all ages and beer lovers!

Iris C.

Top Cocktails Spots for Sightseeing

This was cool leaving from the land an hour before sunset, the party boat takes you through the Key West harbor and just off the shore of Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square. We got to wave to our friends there at the docks! We were in awe as the sun melts into the sea, cocktails in hand!

Josiah Q.

Adventure Trips on the Ocean

This adventure ride just might be the number one thing to do on the Key West Waterfront. A live band entertaining the boat patrons is so cool.

Martina E.

Commotion on the Ocean

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Key West FL 33040

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