Conch Train Tour Information

Conch Train Tour Information

You will see these train tours snaking all over town seven days a week. The ride is great to explore the island's special architecture, back roads, and tropical fauna. Keep the whole family entertained at one of the islands most popular attractions. The highly rated tour takes 90 minutes and departs from Mallory Square all day long. It's fun plus informative, and all can sit back to soak up the information and the local sightseeing. The Conch Tour Train unearths Key West's quirky history as the tour guide explains details along the journey.
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Trolley Tour Rides

People ask us a lot of times, when is the best time to go on the Conch Tour Train. I would go when the weather is comfortable and that there is no rain in the forecast whatsoever. It can be hot on a summer day, even with a good breeze you get in these open air vehicles. As you are cruising around the area, periodically they do stop for traffic signals and general things like bicycles in the way or a truck unloading on Duval Street. If it's really hot and they have to stop for about a minute, the sweat can start slowly dripping down your forehead. If you go in the morning or when it's really cool and nice out, the trips are all smiles and very enjoyable indeed. The rides are more spirited if you get on one that is full or nearly completely full at capacity. The more full the ride is the more exuberant people tend to be. When you go earlier in the day, people tend to pay more attention and listen to the driver better. If you sit too far in the back, you can't see as well what the driver is pointing at. The trolley rides are a must do thing whenever you're in the city.

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Conch Train

1805 Staples Avenue
Key West FL 33040
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