Live Cooking Making at Mattheessen's

Live Cooking Making at Mattheessen's

You can smell the super special treats up about a block away on Duval Street. This is our local spot for tasty tingles, fudge, cookies and more. See them make the yummy stuff at the cooking area on display inside the store. Everyone will be so happy that you got your Key West Gift for them right here. My family members always ask for some to bring back from the trip, birthday or not.
Janell P.

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Key West Dessert Shops

Very yummy, they really have it down. Some of the Mattheessen's shops have sandwiches and other things, ice cream too.

Maryann C.

Big Warm and Juicy Cookies

Aside from the big adventures and activities in the water, we recommend the cookies here. Not much is better than the giant chocolate chip, all warm and juicy.

Noemi H.

Mallory Square Cookie Shop

The family is very happy with our sweet treats. I got us some cookies from the Mallory Square Cookie Shop (yes, you did not get all the cookies!). I kept some extras to bring home. Nice place for the sweet tooth!

Philip T.

Food that will make you Smile

You can pick up the late night snacks right here. I love the Butter Walnut, Mocharoon, Chocolate Ginger, Lemon Cream, Triple Sec Bonbons, Oatmeal Raisin, and the full featured Peanut Butter Cookie.

Hubert V.

Mattheessen's Cookie Shop

300 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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