Coolest Key West Coffee Shop

Coolest Key West Coffee Shop

The first day on a Key West vacation means a stop at the seaport coffee cafe. They have the best coffee on the island and we get a bag of beans there to go. Buying coffee by the pound gets no better and the staff member will grind it for you. This is the home of the cuban bagel sandwich. I love the hot pressed footlong sandwiches. A super pick is the pan con bistec, a thinly sliced marinated grilled steak with onions served on fresh made cuban bread.
Mabel Y.

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Coffee Drinks

Go here for all of your good coffee drinks, especially if you like the cuban coffee just like Havana cuba. If you pay close attention to the menu, it is like learning the definitions of every kind of coffee drink imaginable. Did you know that a bucci is a strong cuban espresso with sugar served in a plastic shot cup. The Cafe Con Leche is a cuban espresso served with steamed milk. You can tell them no sugar on any of the drinks, otherwise many of them tend to have a bit of their traditional tasting style which is sugar laced. The cuban chocolate mocha is a con leche with chocolate syrup. They do have american-style coffee and really good breakfast sandwiches. Often you can get coconut water in an actual coconut shell, a great touristy thing to try. We would also recommend you try a great restaurant called El Meson De Pepe.

Dolly I.

Where to get Coffee

When you have a lunch hour, you don't have time to wait. Cuban Coffee Queen lets the product speak for itself and it screams in satisfaction! What a great find in Key West, right on the harbor in the mix of everything. It is great to see that Cuban Coffee Queen shows love to their lucky-locals. What else could one want in Key West?

Mai H.

Cuban Coffee Queen

284 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040
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