Delightfully Local Goodies

Delightfully Local Goodies

It's well worth a visit to garner a quick feel for the island's quirky culture. Grab a free map at the entrance to find your way. The cemetery map details many of the history and interesting stops throughout the grounds. Expect a relaxed walking visit to the quintessentially southern keys cemetery is very cool to do. It's a delightfully mix of over sized granite crypts, old stories, ghosts, and lots of interesting surprises. It is kind of dilapidated but cool still. See things hundreds of years old. Good things happen inside these wrought iron fences. Do not go in here at night or you will get in trouble with the city police.
Odessa G.

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Getting spooky is a lot of fun and there's no better place to do it. The Cityview Trolley tour will take you inside the cemetery for a little bit and tell you about some of the history. There's a lot of good stopping spots that you can do when you're riding around on your bicycle. If they did let you ride bicycles through here it would be a lot better. Some of the good locations to stop on your bike include at Mallory Square for Will's Hill the Landmark and the Sculpture Garden. If you get an opportunity I would definitely take a photograph or a selfie at the Postcard of Key West. The Clinton Square Monument is very similar to the cemetery in that it pays tribute to people that lost their lives in a big hurricane. A must-see is trumans Little White House and the George Carey House. When you go out for dinner and are near the seaport look for The Norberg Thompson Sculpture.

Dan G.

Passover Lane Cemetery

701 Passover Lane
Key West FL 33040
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