Shoreline Beach Play Zone

Shoreline Beach Play Zone

The ocean is beautiful, plus there is lots of room allowing the whole family to kick back and relax in absolute comfort. Bring your snorkel and see lots of fish around the old wooden dock structure. Take the Family to Higgs Beach and enjoy the best of water clarity. There is a rental cart if you need a stand-up paddle board or beach chairs for the day. The powder white sand between your toes and the clear Blue Waters of the atlantic make a great combination. One of the best ways to switch the brain off in the Florida Keys is to head beachside.
Rachel Q.

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Oceanside Beach Park

We picked a good Shoreline to relax on the vacation day. This is outstanding area with really scenic views of the people going by on boats. The water seems to be always really flat on this side of the island. We noticed there's a big difference in the way the ocean current runs as compared to Fort Taylor Park on the western side of the island. This side of the island is a lot better for the standup paddle boards, since the waters stay so calm. I always tell everybody to bring as many water sports toys with you as you can fit into your vehicle when you come down to the Florida Keys. You have to bring your snorkel gear, at least to a floaty or two, a big umbrella, plus a beach chair for each person in your group. They have a rental place here, but it might be a little expensive for anybody on a budget. Sitting in the sand works just fine for me when I do not have my chair and umbrella.

Claudette Q.

Higgs Beach

1000 Atlantic Avenue
Key West FL 33040
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