Ideas for Sunset

Ideas for Sunset

At Mallory Square, it is a party for all ages every single night of the year. Just head over before sunset, to enjoy an event that features zany acts like cats jumping through fire hoops! We like to get the seats along the edge of the pier for the very best views.

Sitting along the Mallory Square pier sipping cocktails with all that is going on around you is really fun to do. Absorb all of the vibe and a big crowd makes it even more special.

This is one cool area of the island, just come with your big smiles on. Sort of like going to a day at Disney World, your attitude is all about how good you're going to feel. The cash grabbing dog is fun to see, so have your dollar ready for Jeep and Cleo.
Rodrigo Q.

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Best Sitting Spots

Watch out for a guy they called the Bush Man who hides around the area in plain sight to spook you. Trust me the Bush Man is a very funny thing if you have the right party fun attitude.

I can only say good things about the Cat Man circus act. If you get hungry there is a superduper Conch Fritter Shop along the docks. There is something special about Dockside Conch Fritters.

Therese D.

Mallory Square

1 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040-6634

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